Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5 Swoon-worthy Cutting Boards

1. Olive Wood Cutting Board by Premiumolivewood
2. 1970's Vintage Mini Cheese Board, adVintagous
3. Vintage Fish Cutting Board, HouseofSeance
4. Vintage Bread Board, vieilor
5. Vintage Pig Shaped Cutting Board, Brimfieldfinds

xx Becky

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Shape Up Sunday: Week Four

Week Four: Share your favourite workout so far, what time of the day do you like to get your workout on?

True words. (source)

I'm a big fan of the morning workout, getting up and being active first thing in the morning is awesome awesome awesome! it really sets a great tone to the whole day. I actually found a perfect 1 km route around my neighbourhood, which is perfect for a 10 min loop around before breakfast. Seriously, I'm so the opposite of a morning person, and getting up and doing something really does make my day better!

How inspiring is Gwyneth, and she's such a babe!

I managed to kinda sorta stick to the Low FODMAP diet, but it's haarrrd, and by the way it's not fun. I'm not going to be able to do very well with it for the next couple weeks, because seeing as we're saving all the dough possible to travel Australia (whut whuut!) we're going to eat our way through the random and expansive pantry we've accumulated over the past 7 months. I'm going to make everything at home though, and we have almost no junk food in the house, yay!

Week Four, April 13/2014

Chest 85 cm (-2cm!)
Waist 72 cm 
Widest Part of my Torso 88 cm (-1cm!)
Hips 90 cm (-1cm!)
Thighs 53 cm (-2cm!)
Calfs 34 cm
Arms 28 cm
Weight 65 kg (-1 kg)
Overall Gains/Losses: Down 1kg and 5cm!!

Next week (hopefully) we'll have some more losses, closer to my goal of 58kg! Nearly halfway friends! 

Week Four Goals: Food - Make 3 Healthy Snacks Fitness - Run/Walk/Jog a total of 7 kms!
xx Becky
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Poo Story: The Low FODMAP Diet

So let me take a minute to be real, and maybe ridiculously awkward.

Let's talk about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Awkward awkward. According to Vic Health, IBS causes abdomial pain, bloating, and altering constipation and diarrhoea. The cause is unknown, but factors such as emotional stress, infections, and some foods can aggravate the condition. Treatment options include dietary modifications and stress management.

You Will Live Without It

Whew. Sounds gross? Try living with it. Constant discomfort and pain, and the emotional stress bit makes me giggle because I get more stressed when I go out thinking about potentially having major "episodes" which would add to the stress and so on and so forth in an insanely vicious cycle. And the farting... enough said.

Essentially, the only think I can think about lately is how to escape this dungeon of digestive problems, and the main suggestion seems to be diet. The Low FODMAP Diet to be exact. You avoid foods high in fructose, fructans, galactans, lactose, and polyols for 6 weeks, and then re-introduce them one by one. Confused? Me too.

Luckily I've found these great resources (one/two/three) to help figure out what I can/can't eat. The worst bit is being a chef, there are so many things that I love to eat that will be off limits :( Ah well, after 11 weeks I will be completely aware of what I can/can't eat. It's going to be sooo hard to muster up the willpower to say goodbye to some of my fave foods, and eating out at restaurants is going to be sooo hard but hey - maybe I'll get more creative in the kitchen and save money in the process!

Goodbye soy milk, onions, legumes, soft cheeses, ice cream, beer, apples, mushrooms, watermelons, garlic, bread, pasta, etc. See you in a couple months xoxo

xx Becky

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shape Up Sunday: Week Three

Week Three: Go shopping and buy one item of clothing you want to fit in 7 weeks

before pants

Two steps forward and one step back... I had two pretty excellent weeks of trying to keep myself on track and eating semi-healthy. This week, I'm going to be totally honest, my eating went to shit. My fitness fell by the way side and I gained a couple kilos. Boo. I'm not going to include any real progress shots this week, because reverse progress isn't exactly what I want to show off.

But you know what, I brought healthy snacks to work, or I had avocado on toast. I went to the beach twice this week, and spent a good portion of the weekend walking and dancing. I'm not going to beat myself up over this week, because if I try to be perfect I'll never be happy! (I have to keep repeating this to myself - I'm hypercritical of myself)

Due to some internet research, an old doctor diagnosis and a new google-diagnosis, I've decided I need to go on a strict diet to regulate some digestive issues. I'll go into more details tomorrow, but basically it's going to limit me to a teeny tiny list of allowed foods. Boo!

So here are my stats this week, and my brand new size 10 skinny (oh so skinny) jeans. I'm not hoping to lose a ton of weight over the coming weeks, I just want to get slim and fit.

It's time to get serious!! (Side note, I had no idea I had lost cms when I wrote this post, wow! That's why I love keeping track, even on my most down week, I've made a difference!)

Week Three, April 6/2014

Chest 87 cm (-1cm!)
Waist 72 cm (-1cm!)
Widest Part of my Torso 89 cm (-2cm!)
Hips 91 cm (-1cm!!!)
Thighs 53 cm (-2cm!)
Calfs 34 cm
Arms 28 cm (-1cm!)
Weight 66 kg (+1 kg)
Overall Gains/Losses: Up 1kg and down 8cm!!

Week Three Goals: Food - Stick to 1 week of the FODMAP Diet Fitness - Run/Walk/Jog a total of 2.7 kms

xx Becky
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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Shape Up Sunday: Week Two

Week Two: Track everything you eat in week one (don't lie!) and report your findings

Hey everyone! I'm back for another round of shape up Sunday! I've been pretty busy with some life things this week and my eating suffered in turn. I've been trying really hard to eat breakfast every day (one of my mini goals) and I've got a bowl of yoghurt and strawberries beside me as I type this!

I managed to eat breakfast 5/7 days (yay!) and I did insanity 0/7 days (not so yay). I'm not going to get full on with excuses, but I just think I set even my mini-goal too high and I need to be more realistic. I went to the beach a couple times, and hiked up to a water fall this week though. Being more active definitely made me feel so much better about myself.

So I decided not to change my eating habits this week, besides the addition of breakfast, to see how horribly I actually ate. And well... the findings were not good. I have an addition to chocolate. I love sugar wayy too much, and I eat when I'm sad/stressed/happy/feeling any sort of extreme emotion.

I think being a chef has trained me to constantly pick at things - never really being able to have a full meal, which makes days off REALLY hard. Plus, this week I ended up consuming a ridiculous amount of alcohol... oops.

Anyways, I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it, because I did see a little bit of progress this week! Oh also,

Week Two Mini-Goals: Food: Bring a healthy snack to work every day. Fitness: Do something active for at least 30 mins every day

Shape Up Sunshine

Week Two, March 30/2014

Chest 88 cm
Waist 73 cm (-2cm!)
Widest Part of my Torso 91 cm (-1cm!)
Hips 92 cm (-5cm!!!)
Thighs 55 cm
Calfs 34 cm
Arms 29 cm
Weight 65 kg
Overall Losses: 1kg and 8cm!!

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xx Becky

Monday, 24 March 2014

Shape Up Sunday: Week One

Week One: Taking before pictures and measurements. Setting attainable personal fitness and healthy living goals.

shape up sunday becky before
Ok friends. It's all out there now. Dat outtashape bod, am I right? So here I am. this is me in all my slightly flabby glory. My measurements shocked me slightly, I was a couple of centimetres less in every aspect of my body less than 6 months ago. The past couple of months, especially this past one have been really trying. I've been away from home for a year now, I've made some amazing friends then had to watch them go, all while I'm still in the same place doing the same thing. I'm not saying I'm not happy, I'm just saying things are going to change.

Becky's Before, March 23/2014

Chest 88 cm
Waist 75 cm
Widest Part of my Torso 92 cm
Hips 97 cm
Thighs 55 cm
Calfs 34 cm
Arms 29 cm
Weight 66 kg
Shape up sunday becky before

I really want to try and set attainable goals for the next 10 weeks, and hopefully implement some sort of change in my life in years to come. My eating habits are horrible, even though I'm a chef, and my love of TV is really getting in my way! Plus going out and getting drunk on the regular is not doing me any favours.

I've decided to break it down into weekly challenge, two a week (one fitness and one food-related) because the slow and steady approach works for me.

Week One: Fitness - Do 6 Insanity workouts, Food - Eat breakfast at home every single day

Although I'm not going to be blogging everyday about my progress, I will still be around on Instagram (@BeckyBeast) and Twitter (@WhamBamBecky) using the hashtag #shapeupsunshine! Add your photos and comments there if you happen to join in!

Don't forget to to track everything you eat this week!

xx Becky

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Kitchen Rules Drinking Game

I love love love My Kitchen Rules. If you've never heard it it, it's an Australian reality cooking show where novice cooks face off against each other in crazy crazy challenges. The gorgeous Pete Evans and Manu Feidel judge and as a qualified chef I am always amazed at what they're put through, and how they pull it off! These people can cook!

My Kitchen Rules Drinking Game

As much as I adore the show (and sorta kinda wish I wasn't a chef so I could qualify) they have some funny funny catch phrases. How perfect for a drinking game!

1 DRINK...
Every time Manu says "beauuutiful"
Every time someone says "it's a race to the finish"
Every time someone says "to perfection"

Every time someone makes a "dad joke"
Every time someone drops something on the ground
Every time they involve a sponsor product/the MKR team appears in a commercial

Every time someone says "the hero of the dish"
Every time someone says "the star of the dish"
Every time someone pulls out the megaphone

During the 5 second countdown
During every instant replay
When Pete and Manu hand out a 10/call something "perfection"

Why don't you grab a cold one and have fun getting pissed with me? 

xx Becky