Monday, 8 September 2014

Apple Crumble Oats

My mom makes amazing apple crumble. I still don't know how she does it, but it's her contribution to every Thanksgiving, Christmas or pot luck event. She has perfected the recipe, no long hours spent slaving in the kitchen, just a pinch of this, a splash of that and a whole ton of apples. She fills a massive baking dish with the sticky sweet (but not too sweet) filling and covers it with the brown sugar oatmeal crumble. It's the only dish on the dessert table that everyone tucks into and we never came home with leftovers, much to my daddy's disappointment.

apple crumble oatmeal healthy dessert

I've been living in Australia for almost 2 years, and people are constantly asking me what I miss most about Canada. The first thing that comes to mind is the change of seasons. The distinct transition from hot humid summertime to crisp autumn air and the beautiful colours as the leaves change and the world around you prepares for winter. Pulling out the electric blankets for the bone chilling winter nights, although they don't seem too bad snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. The exhilaration that comes only from seeing the first teeny bud sticking out of the recently defrosted ground. It's spring in Australia, but really it just feels like another day. I've been pretty unlucky with the weather and never really experienced a hot Aussie summer so the days have all been pretty similar.

apple crumble oatmeal healthy dessert

I miss my mom's cooking. I miss having roast beef and horseradish mashed potatoes and chunky beef stew on the winter nights where the sun has set by 5pm. I miss the sticky pork ribs and barbecued corn on the cob on the back porch on those glorious summer days I never appreciated. I miss waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee on a Sunday morning, and roast turkey any day of the week, just because my mom loves cranberry sauce. I miss her apple crumble.

apple crumble oatmeal healthy dessert

These oats are the perfect balance of tart apple and sweet crumbly brown sugar with a dollop of vanilla yoghurt acting like the vanilla ice cream. Eat for breakfast, or as a healthy alternative to a late night sweet treat.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Re-Focus: A Better Me

Hey guys! It's been way too long since we last hung out in my little corner of the internet. Sidenote: I like to think of my corner of the internet as having cushy chairs, the best coffee ever and big fluffy muffins and crispy soft chocolate chip cookies. Just so you know.

I've been having some issues with just basically feeling "over it" when it comes to almost everything in my life. I feel like I need to do something drastic and shake everything up to get my head back on straight. I've decided that for the month of September I am going to say goodbye to lazy boring me and say hello to the Becky that gets shit done. I don't necessarily mean hyper-productive and perfect either, I just want to be the person that I want to be. I don't ever want to regret not doing something or being creative because I was too busy watching tv or scrolling endless Tumblr blogs. I don't want to feel guilty about going out to dinner and I desperately want to get into killer shape.

I've decided to do a couple things about it, and obvi I've turned that into a list for you bcz lists are awesome, duh.

1. Mise en Place - I'm going to turn this blog into what it was supposed to be - a food blog. I don't necessarily mean just recipes, but books, tv shows, my chef crushes, and the exploration of seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients. Mise en Place is my way of putting everything in it's place and I want it to be a place where I can explore food for myself and anyone who is interested in reading.

2. Bec and Teej - As we get closer and closer to drive-into-the-sunset-day I'm getting really super excited and nervous. We haven't even built everything properly yet! We've been saving money like crazy, and documenting all of our progress (there hasn't been much so far!) on From now on, all travel/adventure/personal related posts are going to end up there. I'd love it if you would follow along, you can find us on Instagram @becandteej!

3. Bec Takes Fitness - One of my most consistent features on this blog has been my Shape Up Sunday posts and now they're all being put in one place, with a new twist. I'm going to be doing daily video diaries, updating more than once a week, and I even have my own Instagram (@bectakesfitness). I want to completely transform my life and my body, and I felt like I needed an outlet where I could bond with similar people.

4. #GetMessyArtJournal - Don't worry, it's not another blog. I've decided to start art journalling every day as part of my 22 before 23 Challenge. I want to get into the habit of documenting how I'm feeling and I want to break through the creative walls I so often find myself pushing against. The Get Messy Art Journal Challenge is a group of girls that posts every Thursday and has a monthly challenge. This will keep me on track and help me build a community of friends who have the same interests as myself! You'll find these posts on Bec and Teej and my personal Instagram @BeckyBeast.

5. Cold Shower Therapy Challenge - Look, this one is a bit tough to explain when Joel has done it so well. Just head over to the Impossible blog and check it out. But basically, 30 days of making myself intentionally uncomfortable for 5 minutes.

So friends, that's it that's all. I'll be back tomorrow with some food related and yummy things and believe me I'm full of ideas and things to share, it's just putting each idea into motion. I'm being the person I choose to be.

xx Becky

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Asking Myself the Important Questions

Hey guys! Just popping in via my phone (which is so weird btw, if the formatting is weird forgive me) to answer a very important question I've been asking myself for a while now: Why do I blog? 

Seriously, why do I do it? Is it just a place to spit out words and hope someone notices? Is it a place to build a business? Is it a place to dole out tips, tricks, and advice to other people in a similar situation to mine? Yes!!

Basically my blog is supposed to be a life bit of me. It's my life experiences that I not only want to remember but think that I am uniquely qualified to talk about a number of subject like having a boyfriend with a different passport or how to make the perfect hollandaise.

Not only am I a 22 year old bad ass in the kitchen, I'm also a 22 year old who likes to go out, have fun, and is travelling the world!! My Shape up Sunday posts are my most consistent because I enjoy sharing my weekly fitness journey with a (small or possibly non-existent) audience. It is something that although I am not an expert at, I'd like to be. I have a million plans and ideas and I think it's about time I got to them.

Mise en Place is a place for me to organize my thoughts and feelings. Where I can share an awesome new hairstyle or a really fucking great recipe. I can write about working in a kitchen and how tough it is being a young female and I can write about my struggles with living with my boyfriends parents. 

In the words of Britney Spears - "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." Which although a little irrelevant because I am a woman I'm not necessarily a "grown up" even though lately I've been trying to blog like one (all organized and shit)

Thanks for letting me rant!

Xx Becky

Monday, 4 August 2014

Shape Up Sunday

fitness motivational quote medidtation

Happy Sunday friends! This week has been so many levels of meh but I'm hopeful about this next week and it being a new month, yay August! I'm majorly struggling with my current life-situation and it completely reflects in my stress eating. I've been trying really hard not to eat chips or desserts at work but believe me, it's hard! Especially when there's literally no time to take a break. That's been my life this week, so nothing exciting at all to report. I won't go into too many details but basically I'm so #overit. It seems like a whole lot of struggle street for something that keeps feeling farther and farther away.

I had my good days and my bad days, but it's done. It's time for a new week with positivity and happiness and ignoring all the bad shit in my life. I need to live in this moment and keep working towards my goal. I've been doing C25K and am looking at starting a Tough Mudder training plan! I hope I can maintain this attitude!

My current weight is 67.8kg or 149.5lbs which is down 900g or 2lbs from 2 weeks ago!

xx Becky

Friday, 1 August 2014

Monthly Wishes // 2

Hey guys!! Whaddup. How was your month? Mine was pretty rad but holy unexpected. Let's jump right in and check how I did last month... Not to great. Ooops!

august goals

1. Floss once a day minimum. Twice if I have the time. It's time to grow up and just do it even though I reckon those strings are actually out to get your gums. I'm not going to gross you out with how many times I didn't floss but yeah. Definitely a fail. Flossing freaks me out!
2. Get my money's worth out of the gym. I'm pretty sure I've worked it out to be $5/regular session and $7/class. Since I pay $22/week, you do the math. Personal trainer visits don't count! Check!! I went at least 3 times every week except for when I went away, and I even went to a class! I'm going to try so much harder this month, though!
3. Raise $500 for Dry July you can donate to me here! I pinky promise not a sip of that no-no juice shall pass my lips! Ummmm so no one donated to me. At all. Not even myself. fail.
4. Have the greatest birthday my birthday is in 26 days people. What on earth am I going to do for it?! Wooo Splendour Bender baby! Had such a great time at Splendour, and even though I got sick on my actual b-day I'll just pretend the whole week was celebrations :)
5. Write for fun. I have a whole book full of ideas, it`s about time I finally got pen to paper... or fingers to keyboard Half achieved? I wrote a bunch of things down, but not a lot for fun. 


July was still the #bestmonthever, but I have high hopes for August and my new goals!

1. Blog 3x a Week.I promised you excitement and believe you me, it's coming! I've just got to get my consistency on!
2. Start Training for a 5k run. I'm so stoked to get on this fitness train. I really really want to be able to run a 5k if not just to say yeah, I can run a 5k!
3. Accomplish 2 of my 22 before 23 goals. Very calculated, but 2/month and I should be done before next July! Plus there's a couple of fun ones on there :)
4. No-Spend Month! We are in a serious spending freeze right now and I'm so bad at saving my ca$$h. I'm going to create a reward chart as my way of allowing myself to earn points and trade points for money.. I'll post about that soon!

Linking up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. Have the best month/week/day ever!

The Nectar Collective

xx Bec

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

22 Before 23!

Hey friends, guess what?! While I was away I was partying away like it was my birthday because.. well.. it was my birthday! I'm 22 now, holla! I am the luckiest duck and had the greatest time at Splendour in the Grass after a super last minute volunteer opportunity and met some really exceptional people and listened to some really fantastic music. Besides missing a whole bunch of acts because I was too busy laughing and having a ball with my new BFFS and the little cold I got smacked in the face with on my birthday, I had a blasty blast and seriously, this has to be the #BESTMONTHEVER!

birthday girl

Last year I made a 21 before 22 list, and it got lost in the fluff of the internet somewhere. I'm sure I missed half the things on it, but I'm a year older and wiser and well, I'm making more goals that I may or may not finish. But I love lists so let's go for it!
  1. Learn to play a new instrument
  2. See Uluru
  3. Keep up with my eyebrows
  4. 4WD on Fraser Island
  5. See my family
  6. Go to 3 festivals
  7. Write monthly time capsule emails
  8. Keep a private journal
  9. Get a new tattoo
  10. Go to New Zealand
  11. Compete in a Tough Mudder
  12. Learn a new language
  13. Create a Mise En Place box/shop
  14. Read 52 Books
  15. Take a social-media-free week
  16. Get a drastic hair cut
  17. Solve a rubik's cube
  18. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  19. Do the Great Ocean Walk
  20. Downsize my wardrobe
  21. Eat at a 3 hat Australian restaurants
  22.  Attend a blogger conference
I'm so excited for the next year. I was born at 11:23PM (23:23!) on July 27th, 1992. I like to think that ever subsequent 11:23PM on July 27th is my own personal new year complete with a new year's kiss. I was already asleep this year, but I'll chalk this one up to being sick as a dog. 

Becky in the kitchen with a guitar, am I right?

xx Becky

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shape Up Sunday (On Tuesday)

*Just FYI I wrote this post on Monday. Yeah, I know...*

Cheese and rice, yesterday was like the day from hell. Minus the crazy awesome dance party me and the bestie had late at night. But the past is in the past except for in this post when I inform you of the goings on  re: my health and fitness from the last week.

progress photos Again, good but not great. And you can see that I haven't exactly been on top of my game in my photos. I think my biggest problem is dinner time. I eat oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast, have a protein bar during the day as a snack, try to get a sandwich or some chicken in during the day for lunch, but then around 6pm I start getting soo hungry and start snacking on chips or dressing-soaked lettuce leaves or deep fried yuck and then at the end of work I grab whatever the extended fam has had for dinner (usually something high in carbs) or in a pinch I have McDonalds. Oops.

I totally bailed on the gym this week too and only made it twice. I didn't even go to the awesome class I wanted to! I was loving the full body sore I ended up with last week, but I just let life and laziness get in my way. I know that all I need to do is tell myself to just do it... and I will, but sometimes it's just easier to say whatevs, don't matter.

progress photos BUT, it does matter! Because not only am I paying for this shit out of my bank account, I'm paying for it with my waistline. McDonalds makes me feel like garbage. I know my habits. I know what I'm not happy with and what I need to change. I need to make small changes to break the cycle. I'm on the right track. I have breakfast every day, I made protein bars I enjoy eating and can sneak at work, but I need to deal with this midnight munchies issue.

Maaaaybe not this week though. I'm putting the gym membership on hold for a week cause THIS GIRL is going to Splendour in the Grass for her big ol 22nd birthday!! I'm going to pack some healthy snacks but almost guaranteed I'm going to drink, eat junk food, and have the world's greatest time for a week. Don't matter, it's the #bestmonthever, remember?

I might disappear of the planet for a little, but don't worry, homegirl will be back in a week and do I have plans for you little blog!!

Ps - My current weight is 68.7 kgs or 151.5 lbs. Booo.
xx Becky